Wellington Lodge is the oldest Angus beef herd
in South Australia.

An inaugural member of Team Te Mania, Wellington Lodge produces Angus cattle of the highest quality, achieving multiple awards in the Certified Australian Angus Beef program, various carcase competitions, and was a finalist in the South Australian Meat Industry Awards for Excellence in 2003.

Strong supply chain relationships formed through Team Te Mania with Rangers Valley and other customers, ensures that Wellington Lodge beef is highly sought after and can be found on tables in restaurants around the world.

Established in 1845, the 19,000 acre property is situated in the Upper South East of South Australia on the shores of Lake Alexandrina. Wellington Lodge has been owned and operated by the McFarlane family for 6 generations and currently runs 800 Angus breeders and approx. 800 trader cattle.

Staff at Wellington Lodge undergo training in Low Stress Stock Handling, holistic grazing management principles, breedplan data recording, grazing chart management, feed budgeting as well as having the opportunity to attend the annual Team Te Mania conference.

Wellington Lodge has in the last 20 years developed best practice systems under the guidance of industry leaders which enables it to easily achieve the following:

  • Producing high quality beef as part of the Team Te Mania Progeny Test Program.
  • Low Stress Stock Handling.
  • Continuously improve the landscape by using intensive rotational grazing systems that include a combination of sabbath and priority grazing.
  • Continuously improve the landscape by implementing a tree planting and wetland improvement scheme.